Many things....

Well, first things first....

Took her to the doc on Monday...said she had "jumper's knee" and when she woke up today, it was doubly swollen and red blotchy marks on the left side of the knee. Doc wanted to see a Ortho doc but none would either take her insurance or couldn't get her in quickly enough so he saw her in the meantime. She is on crutches with the prospect of Bursitis or fracture of a bone in her knee. The amazing part, she hobbled into the docs office and sat in a chair. She was bawling so hard by the time she got to the chair, I asked for a room so she could be in pain more "privately". The receptionist was older and awkward trying to help Alicia and Me, sooooo I stupidly picked her up and carried her to the room.

You ask why, because I saw my baby girl bawling her head off because of the pain and couldn't manage to walk. A well meaning woman trying to help but made it worse and something just came over me and I wanted her in less pain as quickly as possible and this surge of energy came through me and I swept her up. I am paying for it tonight, quite dearly...but the look on her face and in her eyes was enough.

Also, if that wasn't enough, Jake came home and told me that a stray dog came up to him and grabbed his sleeve and continued after him. I called Hobart PD and they were here within 5 min and went and pursued the dog. He had just passed the dog and wanted to get back and have animal control get it before another child got bit since it was close to the time for other kids to get off the buses!! Thank goodness, it only grabbed his sleeve and broke no skin!! Thank you Hobart PD for being there! I truly felt blessed that these officers really are there for me and my family protecting us!

Tonight I am feeling quite...well...overwhelmed and tired. The greatest HIGHLIGHT of my night was seeing DOG the Bounty Hunter on TV on A&E @ 8:30 tonight. That is when the new episodes are shown! Tonight, Deliah (new papillion) was shown for Beth's Pre-bday gift! Beth left a message on her www.dogthebountyhunter.com website that it was Deliah's Bday today! So happy bday Deliah! It was great and I wish I had more chances being on their site!! I miss being able to chat with the Chapman's on their chat room from time to time! It is truly awesome, so check it out!

I've had some stressors on me lately and I think they are getting the best of me. I believe I may be having a flare up. I'm more tired than normal, not thinking as clearly, can't concentrate, headaches, eye pain, just plain old malaise. I'm concerned because I'm doing things that I normally wouldn't do. I don't know, I think I need to touch base with my Neuro. I need to also get a power chair too so that I can do more things when I am feeling better.

I am still dreading my shot Friday. That's such another stressor! I'm down 3-4 days from this and it really drains me! It also sucks because I'm so lonely. I am just downright really lonely. Not that I don't have a few friends (wink wink, nudge nudge! lol), I miss having that "special" someone to lean on or carry Alicia when she can't walk. Or dry my tears when I'm at wits end or comfort Jake when a kid is being a bully. I do all these things, I don't mind..they are my kids!! I'll go to the end of the earth if I have too, but I miss the hand holding, the comfort of someone's arms or the warming words of a man's voice. BUT not so much that I'm ready for a relationship either. I still have a few wounds to heal and a trial to get through first!!

Well, I've bored ya all to tears and 6am comes early. I have to take Alicia and Jake to school tomorrow. One is on crutches and the other is terrified of his bus stop! YAY ME!

Oh, I plan on getting a treadmill for those wintery days and nights I have ahead! I need to stay in shape no matter how much it kills me. Maybe it will help me recover a lot quicker? Oh, tomorrow is baking class and we are making custards or pie shells or something along that! I will blog both cooking and baking classes tomorrow PLUS (it gets oh so much better!) a Billy update! MUAH!

::hugs & kisses::