Waking up!

Ok, woke up this morning and waiting for the doc to open to tell me whether or not I can go to school! UGH! My eye infection came back last night but I already had the drops from a month ago from having it then! Thank GOODNESS! Somebody call the WEEEEEEambulance? HA! Otherwise all is well, the kids are good. I did take Alicia to the Dr about her knees and he said she has Jumper's knee. Well, we went and saw him and I'm not quite satisfied with his answer. Talking to my sis, I think I need to take her to an ORTHO doc now. BUT I had to go through the chain for insurance purposes!! So, I'll update ya on that as we go!

I'm thinkin I'm going to make a Apple-Glazed Pork Tenderloin hopefully this weekend or beginning of next week. I had it in the hospital and it really was delicious!! (crazy, eh?) So, I found a really simple apple glaze and I'm going to try it! Hope the LORD is with me that day, cuz I'm sure gonna need it! LOL

See, I have this phobia of trying new things because I just don't want to ruin a good meal, ya know? But I'll use something small and try it. I really, really need to get over that phobia!

For dessert, I thought I would try this apple pie recipe that I found in a magazine and they are mini pies but simple to make. Soooo, I'll have to let ya know how it goes and if all goes well, I'll post!