Stewing & Not the Cooking Kind

Well, it seems to be that someone doesn't want me driving my vehicle or for that fact BREATHING! Now, if someone has a problem with me, that's fine! But I really take it personally when someone messes with my kids! I have enough of kid messing between my ex and his mother, I really don't need help in that dept!! Thank GOD that I listened to him and the nagging feeling!! The car wasn't acting right when I drove it to school, so afterward, I took it in for an oil change because it was overdue. But it was found that a few "things" were not in order and the consequences could of been dire. (Very CLOSE call may I add!)

It is nothing to take lightly, that is for sure! Now I realize I have "upset" a few people, but I don't quite think they would resort t0 this. Police are investigating this matter and we are hoping to find out WHO is behind this...I have my own conclusions but we'll have to wait and see since this person is under police surveillance anyway.

Any tips leading to an arrest will be offered a small reward! medic4666@comcast.net

::hugs & kisses::


Bonny said...

I'm glad you and the kids are ok. So sorry someone would do this to you. Good thing for those nagging feelings. Take care. ((Hugs))