Mending Fences, I think?

I have made it through another weekend of the shots.This weekend was not as bad as last (only 103 instead of 104 fever, more awake time, less chilling because of more less fever time also!). I still did not make it to church Sunday and that really upset me, but I'm hoping this weekend I will be able to. Otherwise things are better. I'm looking forward to next Wednesday! I have an appt at 1pm to get paperwork done for my power chair! Yeehaw! Look out Dale Jr, there's another driver in town! Oh, I meant Hobart! LOLOL HURRY! GET OFF THE SIDE WALKS! APRIL'S COMING! LMAO! They are going to also eval me for Fibromyalgia again. They are pretty sure that is what is also wrong with me, but making double sure before a concrete diagnosis. UGH!!!!!!

My mom and I have made amends. It hasn't been talked about at all, just kind of "overlooked". I can say I'm happy about it, but in the same respect, I don't want her to think she can do this whenever life gets to hard for her or stressful. On the same side of the coin, there have been many times I'm sure, she has become a punching bag when I haven't felt well or irritable. So, I guess it is best to let things be and see where they go. Through YEARS of counseling, I have been taught to pick my battles and this isn't one I really want to exert energy on. She knows how I feel and where I stand and if lines are crossed on either side, then it is time to recheck our relationship and either fix or change what needs to be done. If she can not change, then it is for me to do so. Does that help Bonny? I kind of gave advice on yours and mine! LOL

As to other things, Alicia is on crutches still. Hoping the doc has the results tomorrow.

Jake was suspended from school Monday. Long story...but his behavior started with talking rudely, refusing to do homework, flipping people the bird, etc. which is TOTALLY unacceptable. SOOOOOO, that ended up with a Psychiatrist visit (AGAIN this month) at 1pm! We were just there 2 weeks ago and we tweaked his meds some and I guess it didn't go well! OOPPPsss...BUT he IS eating entire bags of Ruffles potato chips in a sitting...like TWICE a day!!! Soooo that is improvement! I know the school isn't happy because we changed his meds and I did not notify them! OH WELL! They always brand your kid..ADHD, Autism, Bipolar, Schzio! How about branding him ....JACOB? He has PDD (Proverbial Developmental Disorder) which is on the Autism Spectrum but we feel he may have Asperger's..which is another Autism Disorder but is much more Jake and conclusive than giving him a broader definition. Having this "label" unfortunately is needed to get him the services needed and to help educate what is wrong with him and why he behaves the way he does. BUT I don't want him to live up to the label or treated any differently because of this. Also, the when the school called, I was told that Hobart doesn't have the type of facilities to help him if this is the way he is going to act. Which leaves me feeling helpless and just downright abandoned!!! So, going to be making a few phone calls to figure out what is up with that!

Mike is well, pics are up on myspace of his Homecoming Pics! Just soooo handsome!

I will be blogging the cooking and baking courses tomorrow. Playing catch up!

Right now I'm having MAJOR financial trouble so money has been a HUGE stress and CHRISTMAS! The dreaded holiday of everything nice and plenty of presents that I can't give because of being on disability and no money! YaY! Can't wait to disappoint my kids, AGAIN! Well, anyways enough of me bellyaching! Just frustrated, irritable, not feeling well with Migraine kind of witching! LOL

::hugs & kisses::

BTW: Dog The Bounty Hunter's 100th Episode is October 15 @ 8pm. If you live in Hawaii, they are having a Party! I can't go, because of the obvious...but my heart and spirit will be there! Make sure you check them out too at www.dogthebountyhunter.com!


Bonny said...

Thanks about the Mom advice, I am seeing what will happen on my mother end of the spectrum. So sorry that you can't get Hobart to help your boy. And the dredded crutches, poor kid.
Christmas...money...I am so totally with you there. We just have to get together some time.
((Hugs)) to you sweetie. Things have to get better.