I am BLOWN away!

I have been writing on the side my "story" of my life. What I have gone through, etc etc. Well, I just checked my email and a company is interested in possibly buying "rights" to my "story"!! Oh MMMM GEEEEEEE!

I'm scared stiff about this! They said it would be a great story but needed some "tweaks". So, a little scared on these "tweaks". But it is positively awesome that I could inspire others!! Ok, the money would be great too if it were to sell, but I started because of everything I have been through and overcoming the adversity of it! Wow. WOW! OMG WOW!

Ok...calming down. Ok NOT! Ok...calming down for real this time! DEEP BREATH IN. DEEP BREATH OUT!

On to other stuff, my mom is ill. Not a real good things considering she isn't able to take many anti-biotics..hence the reason I have so many drug allergies! So, hoping this doesn't keep her down for long.

Alicia's x-rays came out negative! YAY! No fracture of her knee or leg! Whew! (wiping brow!) So more than likely it is Bursitis. Ugh. So she can use the crutches as needed. I bought her a good stabilizing knee brace so the doc said that should be ok until the Orthopedic doc looks at her.

Jake seems to be ok. He came home and slept this afternoon. Actually he and I both crashed after they came home from school! I was so wiped out from going to bed early and then being up early that it just messed me up! I slept until about 7 and he and I both took our meds, ate and then he went back to bed! But he seems to be calmer so far. No notes home yet!

I talked to my Grma today. Boy is she just a kick in the seat! Honery just doens't cut the mustard! She gets her jabs in every now and then how we don't ask about her, come see her or call her!!! She is just so demanding but funny about it! So, we came up with a weekly call check in and she seemed ok with that. I just hope I remember to do it! Otherwise I may get on her poo poo list!!!! LOL

That is why I didn't blog about the classes. Yes, I know I was suppose to but I can't find the recipe and when I do I will post them! I need to anyway because I bought cheap white wine to use for the deglazing of the pork chops so I better "chop chop" on it! LOL I know..really bad huh!?!?!

Ok, night ya'all!

::hugs & kisses::


Bonny said...

Forget the recipe. Just drink the cheap white wine! LOL I'm happy to hear things are looking up for you adn hope that your Mom gets better soon.