Lots Going On

Well, I haven't blogged in a while. There has been LOTS going on.

I am doing a fundraiser for Hobart JC's, President of Hospitality Club, my kids, bills, school in which I'm like WAY behind in homework, dealing with MS & Meds, falling a few times, trying to help a friend, and having 2 abscessed teeth! On top of this, my right side is just killing me when I change positions and off and on. Sooo, oh that I fell last night and really did a good one on my right foot and arm!

I think right now I'm having the hardest time dealing with the MS and the symptoms. I need a lightweight wheelchair and trying to swallow that is not easy. I don't want to give up but I also need to face the fact that things aren't good in that dept. either. IDK...just overwhelmed!

Well I need to focus on homework and really try and accomplish SOMETHING! I slept all weekend from the shot (I think), so I need to play catch up!

::hugs & kisses::


Bonny said...

Hang in there sweetie. And great news on the fund raiser!

Bonny said...

When are you coming back to blogland? I haven't heard an update from you in forever. Hope you are doing better. Please give update. Hugs.