Wow.....long time!

Well...I know I haven't blogged in a while, but I stopped because I was afraid of leaking any information out that could jeopardize any court cases still ongoing. Now, I just don't care. I want to leave something behind for my kids, grandkids and others. Maybe oters can help me through all of this. It's crazy and hard being single and a woman in a household of teens! BUT, tonight was interesting.

My daughter decided to disobey me. I let her go with a few friends to the mall. Was not real sure about the driver, but I let her go on the condition of checking in every hour. She checked in for the 6pm one, but the 7 pm was missed. SO I called at 7:20pm and she was not happy I called her out on it. She became defensive and I told her under no certain terms to come home and hung up. I didn't check my cell and didn't know she texted my cell that she was going to the movies. AFTER telling her NO to come home. She went to the movies and I worried for 2 hours of where she was. She is grounded and can not leave the house to go out for 2 weeks. If she thinks I am going to relent, she is crazy!! I'm not going through all of this again and her father agreed on that. His words are useless to me but it encouraged me to calm down.

Jake had a bad night. He was throwing fits because I didn't feel well and COOK him dinner. Oh well, he finally settled when I told him I would call Dr. Leon and tell him about his behavior. That settled him more easily and redirect him in a better way.

Other than that, I'm recouping from a lonnnnng day yesterday. Because I took oral steroids, they messed up my tummy and heartburn is a horrible problem for me. It is especially hard on Multiple Sclerosis patients. So, I was sick yesterday and couldn't get up to go to class.I know it will hurt my grade, but because of being so weak, I didn't have the energy!

On a positive note, a friend of mine, Mike, has come back in my life as a friend. We always had a good time..playing games and such. He is having a hard time right now, but I am glad we are talking and interacting again. The kids always liked him and he was a great friend to me and them!! So, GOD is great and glad to have him back!!

It's 12:40am..so I am going to go. It's nice to be back and I'll blog some more of waht has been going on! :)


Bonny said...

I too know about the court cases! I sympathise with yo about the kids. I have been having issues with mine as well. Glad to hear that you are doing better and that your refound friend is such a blessing.