Soups...yummy for fall!

Ok, first lesson since it's fall, I'm going to teach ya'll about some basic soups.

Think of soups this way.....

Ain't nothin but a broth with whatever else you choose to put in it!

So, the easiest way to learn...getchya some stock...beef or chicken...I like Kitchen Basics because of the taste but use whatever it is that is cheap and easiest for you to afford! Now remember you need enough to boil and keep simmering for a an hour or so.

Cut up some veggies if you like..whatever you want to put. We made a Minestrone in class and I actually LOVED it! To know me...veggies are for using a dippin sauce or something on your plate and it doesn't look any color of green at ALL. I do love cucumbers & salad though...go figure! But we did put zucchini, carrots, celery, onion, minced garlic..wow it was great!

Anyway, cut up WHATEVER you want. Now for spices..my idea...smell them. What smells good? Put each spice ya like in a little shot glass or something and then a tiny shallow bowl..start mixing some together and see if the smells come out right. If they do...put it in! Just make sure you remember WHAT and I mean WHAT you use, because this could be a new spice blend for you to use on other things!

Start boiling those together. Now, cut up some meat...ALREADY COOKED! Please do not make the same mistake I did with my chicken and put it in fresh, uncooked. It makes a Huge mess in the pot!! lol Plus you don't want to contaminate your stuff! Now eyeball it and make it proportion to veg, meat and if you are using pasta. There is no right or wrong thing here!

Now let that roll together for a while and turn down the heat to a very low boil/simmer. When the veggies are almost tender, add some pasta if you like. If not, once the veggies are done..voila! You have just made SOUP!

Also, it is OK to taste as you go...just don't burn yer tongue like I did!!!

Also, try different cuts with your veggies! Maybe dice one time, small strips another, angle another or just try different shapes in one pot! BUT if you do that, each veggie takes different times to cook..so think about density and length when cooking!!! Ya'll don't want mush now do ya? lol

Now another idea is maybe to add a low sodium can of cream soup if you want to make it creamy without buying heavy cream. But try it in a small pot if you're scared of screwing up a big pot of soup. I will do this soon and let you know if it works. It'll be a bit but I'll give it a go!

Any questions? Give me a shout! We ALL can learn together

::hugs & kisses::