Another Thought Again

It's weird. My ex-mother-in-law hates me with a passion and if you know my ex-husband, he can't really totally cut his apron strings.

I learned a VALUABLE lesson...as long as you TEACH your children what is right or wrong, they will follow your lead and values taught to them. Although I do not like the I'll-show-face to the less than Christian woman, I understand she is their blood and they have to survive too.

In the end, my daughter came home happy and excited and everything worked out. Now my ex-mother-in-law will learn a valuable lesson also, last time she puts them in that situation again! I have lines and boundaries and NO ONE will cross them and if crossed, then consequences are handed out unless a truce is drawn. But the history between her and I...there is no truce because she knows no boundaries! THAT is why we never really got along, I had boundaries and held her accountable to them.

On a health issue, I'm still weak but able to walk around the house slowly. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for me. The aches are almost gone and that is a blessing!

There is a method to my madness, that I have control in my life and even though I feel that I didn't do a good job parenting or feeling like when they go there, they will come back hating me...they come back with a smile and know that it is safe here and there is NO pressure to be anything but themselves!

::hug & kisses:: Nitey nite...have a GREAT night!