Where do I want to take this?

I thought about that today.
*What do I want to accomplish with this blog?
*What do I want to do?
*How far do I want to take it?

Well first, having MS...well you develop a sense of humor because life NEVER takes you exactly where you want to go. There are all these stupid bends and twists and even some stop signs inbetween this road of life! BUT, it's all in how you drive down that road!

I decided there are no limits to this and I am going to blog, add things and develop something here for everyone to enjoy. It is hard being a mom, but a mom who had a career being an EMT-B. I LOVED what I did. I was in school full time also while working full time to become a nurse. When the MS struck, I took an oath to do no harm. I take it very seriously and my doctor insisted that it was time to retire. So, I joined the Jaycees! The MS Society! The Autistic Society and joining church activities like the AWANA program that gives back to our society!

I've made plenty of mistakes in my life, raising 4 kids, being an EMT, and now...future CHEF! Why Chef? Because when you feel like crap and don't feel like getting out of bed, food is COMFORT! The taste, quality, smells, sights...mhhmmmm mhhmmm! Nothing quite better! But I'm also interested in taking everyday foods and putting a twist in there.

Until I took Basics in Foods, I never knew how to make soup. NEVER! I didn't know how, through my own fault of not learning. I began to wonder...who else doesn't know how to do this? So here lies in blogging.

Blogging is a way to clear your soul. It's a healing thing. It lets you vent, or talk or do something constructive with your thoughts and feelings. It's validating too because NO ONE can argue with how YOU feel!

Sooooo, as I go through Culinary School, for all those who don't know or want to know and would like to keep up with whats going on in my head and life (that could be dangerous!), here ya go!