Dose of Family

I just wanted to let you in on something that just happened to me. Out of the blue, I called my only Grandmother that is left and I am SO glad I did. This woman means the world to me! Out of ALL my extended family (out of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc), she takes the cake...LITERALLY! Our conversation was so awesome and uplifting.

There has been some family turmoil with me and another family member and I realized how important family is. Not to long ago, my Grandmother experienced a beginning episode of Congestive Heart Failure. It could of quickly went south but she prevailed as always. She is 83 and full of spunk still! Although her memory and attitude may not be always what WE desire, she will always be the Grandma who was there for me.

It just brought me such GREAT JOY speaking with her and the way I was feeling just disappeared! So, my advice? Pick up the phone and call someone you love & haven't spoken too. You never know what you have missed but most of all, what could be gone....in an instant. Sometimes you have to overlook the bad to see the good and not everyone is that bad...it is all in what you want to see.

::hug & kisses::


Bonny said...

You are so right, it is all in what you want to see. I know how the family turmoil goes. I have not spoke to my mother in nearly two years.