What A Day Already!

Well, I was up all night for no apparent reason, or at least I thought. I unfortunately slept all day again like I did last weekend! Ughhhh! I hate when I do that. Nothing gets done and I feel like it was all wasted even though I knew my body needed it! grrrr.

I did finally shuffle to the bathroom for a quick shower. That wiped me out so I am back in bed blogging! I missed church and that really hurt, I don't like it when I have to miss it! But I know the LORD understands my heart and know that I was there in spirit listening to Pastor's Bible Briefing as I call it!

Jake has been a wonder to me this weekend! Despite me sleeping ALL day, he took care of the house and animals! I was such a proud mom! He even closed the door of my bedroom for a "better rest"!! How sweet is that?!?!? I just hope this lasts!!

Well the fatigue is really kicking my butt and I can barely keep my head up, so I am going to leave this rest til' later.

Blog back soon. hugs and kisses!