Well, it's been a while since I posted. I didn't have internet or TV for a few days because of nonpayment. It sucks to say, but I just couldn't afford to turn it back on right away. So, I'm back now!!! :)

Anyhoo, life has been interesting. On Wed, April 22nd, my daughter was punched in the face at Hobart High School. Now I knew I didn't get the whole story from Alicia, but it never justifies violence!! Basically, she told on a kid who was being disruptive in the movie theatre field trip. The kids were mad and some words were exchanged with a girl. This girl took her words and told another girl that my daughter said them about her. This girl got mad and went up to her and punched her in the face. She went down hitting her head on the wall behind her.

Many of the kids know that she has Orthostatic Hypotension.

She was able to stay home Friday and recoup. It's a shame that kids feel the need to hit, punch, kick, bite or resort to any other violence to prove themselves or to maintain their reputations. It hurts me to the core. It's werid though, I tried to set up a meeting with the Mayor and ended up leaving my paperwork there of how to help our kids say "no" to violence. Do you know that a so called friend of mine, who was "close" to the mayor took my ideas and used them!!!!! It makes me sick to no end!!! Luckily, I figured it out.

I have been having clustered migraine headaches again. A casualty of having steroid infusions. After about 3 months of the infusions, they start wearing off and the fluid level decreases in my body. Which result in the migraine because the pressure has changed within my brain. This usually takes around 2-3 weeks before I have almost complete relief.

On a positive note though, I have reconnected with some friends from high school and have even reestablished a friendship with him! I am so totally stoked about it. He has a lovely family..2 stepsons, a 4 yr old girl and a beautiful wife. I am so happy that his life turned out fairly well. He had his spined fused recently though, and went to college for computers and that is how we reconnected. I had 3 that needed work and one that was of no use to me. So for payment, he is taking that and fixing mine unless it costs a bit of money..then it will cost me but at his cost!! SOOO HAPPY!!!!

Well, it's getting late and I need to head to bed for church in the AM, so later gators!

::hugs & kisses::


Bonny said...

That's great about the computer news. I had to get mine worked on not too long ago, and it cost me $150. The oldest boy had got some virus from a gaming site. I was so mad at hi, cause he just clicks on anything. Anyway...
Sorry to hear about your stolen ideas, that is no good. I hope that you can do something about it. But if not, hopefully the mayor takes the information and makes something about it.