Headache City

Well, this week has sucked so far. I have been having headaches that won't go away. I take my migraine meds and they rebound again. I am calling the doc today because I refilled my migraine meds on Wed and already almost out!!!!UGHHHH!

As for everything else, it's good. Alicia is still grounded and obeying that. Her friend from school was out-of-school suspended because she called a girl a b*tch for pulling her pants AND underwear down (depantsing is what they call it.) to her ankles. Now I do not condone using profanity, but considering the circumstances, I believe that is way overboard!!! The girl also got 3 day OOS. The same punishment for both??? I really think that is not enough for her!!!! Just couldn't believe what things are coming to with our kids? Ya know??

On the other spectrum, Jake is fairing ok. He is still going to his special school and the doc and I both agreed that the school's testing has missed something with his diagnosis. So, until that is done, we will not really know all that is wrong with him. HIs handwriting is of a 2nd or 3rd grader. His comprehension level is about the same. I didn't know this would be his outcome all those days I spent in the NICU with him. I prayed daily for him to make it and now he struggles everyday and the school couldn't tell us why?!? Schools do not want to do for a kid or a mom who presses them for services!!!! IT's a shame ya know? I have watched the show on TLC, Table for 12 and I can identify with the mom to an extent with her having a special needs child. It isn't easy and all the dreams you had for them before you found out the problems,, are just gone. You still weeps years later for what you wanted for them because it hurts to know you brought this child into the world and they may never know the full worldly goodies that is out there for them. It just hurts....

Otherwise, just sleeping a lot right now because of the headaches. Today would be great to paint, but my head won't let me! ugh...the living room really needs that 2nd coat too!!! Oh well, I'll try and post more later.

Hugs & Kisses


Bonny said...

Hang in there. It has to get better. Oh, and the new look is great! Much easier on the eyes. :)