Amazing Kid

Well, I wasn't going to blog today but something caught my eye just a few ago and thought I would share.

This kid is 14 and is fighting Brain Cancer. The parents created a blog for him to update everyone. The url is http://nathanwhitefamily.blogspot.com . Check them out and tI think this kids has more courage than anyone I know. I think all kids battling any Cancers, or debilitating disease is a HERO. Having MS helps me identify with these kids and it breaks my heart to hear or know so many out there are fighting for their life and a battle that may not be won. My heart and prayers go out to each and every child, adult or family dealing with such devastating issues!!!!

::hugs & kisses::


Bonny said...

It's hard. When we were told that Myles had cancer, I felt like my heart was ripped right out of my chest. Thankfully, we were so blessed and he did not have to go through treatments and all that, just the surgery was enough and he has to go for check ups every 6 months, but I am reminded how blessed I am everytime that I take him for a check up. It could have been so different.