Long time gone...

I apologize for not blogging in such a long time. Things have been crazy around here and so much has happened.

1st) The trial did NOT happen. He took a plea deal..it's the best I could of hoped for considering the circumstances. The trial was set for May 20th..JAKE's Bday!!! Also, if Jake 'forgot' something or didn't answer the questions right, it would of made him feel so bad that he "blew" the case. I did NOT want that for him! He is on 6 months probation, NO CONTACT & has a perm. record of a Class A Misdemeanor. It wasn't the Felony, but either way, my life needed to go on and as long as the trial did not happen, I couldn't truly put it in the past!! He is suppose to be moving down south & that gives me great comfort knowing he will no longer be around here often!

2.) My MS has been on the fritz and we found I have Addison's 2ndary to MS. The high infused doses of steroids has caused my adrenal glands to stop producing it on their own. At this time, my body is either...NOT absorbing it or is burning through the oral doses faster than I can shove it in! So, I have been lingering between critical to low. This causes many symptoms but the main one I cannot handle is the laying in bed almost 24hrs a day, doing what I do best...sleeping. People do not realize how much sleep has consumed my life. I am NOT being lazy, I am not being depressed (Ok, well a little considering I love to cook, be with the kids and ummm..IT'S SUMMER!!!!!), I just don't have any energy to complete anything!!! If I do anything..I'm guaranteed to be down for a few days because of the activity!

Thank goodness, no new spots detected in my brain! AMEN for that! It's the old ones continuing to flare and give me problems! My walking is ok but if I get a little tired, my balance seems to go off and I'll fall!!! No worries..plenty of padding!!! haha

I had a allergic reaction to Extavia...it's a MS injection to help prevent further damage & relapses. So until the rash is gone..she cannot start me on anything. Otherwise it is just maintaining what I have right now and being thankful it is not worse..their is ALWAYS someone worse off than yourself and I'm thankful I'm not one of them!

3.) Michael GRADUATED!!! I'm so freaking proud of him! My first child to receive that diploma!! Zach's is next year!! Can't wait for his either!!!!

4.) I plan on blogging a bit more soon. I found that I enjoy doing this and it helps me to maintain focus on what is truly important in life. I am taking a class @ my church, Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey! Please, if you are young, adult, later in life...take this course!!! It truly is great and I wish I had this YEARS ago!!!

Well, for now..I'll go. Thanks for being a friend!

::hugs & kisses::