Well, fall is upon us and so are the colder temps! WOW! It literally felt like one day summer and skip to fall 24 hrs. later!!!  I don't mind, I like the milder weather better but the rainy, drab days get my body every time!

We still haven't gotten everything out. Having a MS crisis really put me behind in EVERYTHING! Jake is love, Love, LOVING school here! He is ifnally happy and content with his life! He likes that everyone treats him well, the kids & staff alike! He also commented about the classes and he comes home wanting to get homework done. It's A-MAZING!

On a stressful note, the trial starts Oct. 15th. The only thing is that they actually subpoenaed Jake too. I go in 12 hrs to meet with the Prosecutor about it and go over testimony. I will have more details then. I am not happy at the prospect of even TAKING Jake there. He is finally becoming stable mentally and now they want to throw a wrench into this. It won't happen, not for him.

For me, it was a wake up call about it. I put this out of my mind for so long. The incident occurred June 11, 2007. Finally, 2 years later we are finally going to court for Criminal W recklessness a Class D Felony! I pray that justice be served and his peers put him in jail where he belongs. Jake and I were not the only victims, he has many before me..only he got away with those thru the court. I do believe that GOD will have His way and he has to stand before Him.

Other than that, I am coming out of a cortisol crisis. I think with moving and the stress, my body was using more and wasn't able to replenish it so I became tired, achy and in pain. Last Tuesday tho, I sort of collapsed at school. I had moved many boxes that day and then went to school. About 1/2 way, my hip starting hurting. Like a sciatic nerve pinched-don't-put-pressure-on it- hurt. Mike came to get me and I ended up in bed for 3 days unable to move much. After some rest & steroid pack, I'm not in much pain. It does get "flared" up at times but I am trying to do my best. I had a doctor appt. today (9-30-09) but was canceled for Dr. emergency. So waiting to see what is going on. Ugh.

I'll post some more later. I'm tired. It's midnight and I'm still awake. Pretty soon the kids will be needing to get up for school and I'll want to slap the alarm clock! :)

::hugs & kisses::


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