My Twilight Bite

I know, it's silly! Why the rave? Why is Twilight so big? I tried to stay away from the movie, the books anything resembling it! I was NOT going to be SUCKED in!?!? W R O N G!!! I was and am!

twilight signifies to me what love is. It isn't about being something else, it isn't about being wrong for each other...it's about accepting someone for who they are and loving them despite the differences! I can see so many get wrapped into it. The Cullen family truly loves and protects the people they care about. Having MS, you want that someone there to protect you, to comfort you when your scared, to hold you while you cry, to be strong when you are weak.

At 34, I'm starting over. When I was young, I loved like that. I'm not an ugly girl, but what makes me "ugly" is the MS. Sure I look "normal" now, but what happens when I have a relapse and my walking isn't normal or at all!?!? Will he love me the same? Will he see me as Edward sees Bella?!?! Will I still be the beautiful woman while sitting in a wheel chair or hospital bed? I don't know if I'll ever find my "Edward", a lot of damage has been done. I''m trying though, slowly but surely! Maybe through Bella, I can be strong again and maybe my Edward will find me too.

It's in GOD's hands, not mine. So Thou Edward, Thou Edward, where tho art' my Edward?!?! lol

::hugs & kisses::


Nana said...

I am so glad you like Twilight!! You will find your Edward.