Viva La Valpo

Congratulations are in order!!!! I am now living in Valparaiso!! Although only 1/2 my stuff is moved, I chose to live in the apt. where I felt more safe!! Hobart just doesn't offer me the serenity & calm that this place does!!!

Moving this weekend was a bad idea (Labor Day Weekend), but no other choice was possible at the moment! My old partner, Dutch, let me borrow his truck while he was at station which was a HUGE surprise & relief to me!! I didn't expect that, but it was greatly appreciated! I tell ya though, I will NEVER MOVE AGAIN unless I HAVE TO or rent a U-Haul!! This was absolutely nuts trying to do this without proper planning!

THANK YOU: Mike, Cory, Copeland, Luis, Alicia, Dutch for the use of his truck!!

Otherwise, life is good!! I am happy. A place to make better memories and a place that has no past memories for me. i have good landlords and I really just could not be happier!!! :)